Archive documents, Mells

3rd May 2016

The archives we are searching through, as well as documenting social history, are also testament to all the different methods used by researchers over time to capture, record and document. Hand written notes and transcriptions move on to the early typewriter, which in turn moves on to the tools associated with the impact of the computer; floppy discs, betamax and video cassettes, and now the extraordinary developments in digital archiving ‘in the cloud’.

In amongst these we have been intrigued to discover two video tapes of a BBC documentary from 1998 entitled ‘The Day the Guns Fell Silent’; focussing on before and after 11 o’clock on Armistice Day in 1918.

The video includes amongst other things, poignant footage of two of the people we have encountered in correspondence as children in our researches: Helen Asquith (recalling the loss of her father Raymond Asquith when she was seven), and Beatrice King (describing her brother Tom on his last visit home).

It seems very special to be able to hear these voices relating to our project as they are no longer with us, along with fascinating comments and reflections from other contributors.

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