Studying First World War newspaper for Mells stories

30th October 2015

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I have been going along to an after school club which has been started as part of the Home of Our Delight; Mells and the First World War project. Having been on the Frome College Battlefields Trip in Y9 and visited the grave of Raymond Asquith, it’s great to follow that up by helping with some research. Our club is a mix of Y9 and Y10 students and each week we get to look at original Somerset Standards from 1914, 1915 & 1916 that are loaned to us from Frome Museum.

Our local newspaper is still the Somerset Standard, but it is about half the page size of the one that people read during the First World War.

We are looking out for any reports that might mention Mells, or for any names of the men on the village war memorial. At the moment we are concentrating on 1914 and seeing how the very early days of the war are being reported. We are finding the Roll of Honour of those who have gone off to fight, the first letters from soldiers home, and all the patriotic adverts from local businesses.

It is really interesting and very rewarding when you spot something of interest! We will be putting on a small display of some of our findings in Frome Library in time for Armistice Day on the 11th November.

Come along and see what we have discovered so far…

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